Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Late For Me

The next game in Pool D is too late for me tonight; hopefully I will be able to post something about it tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here's a look at the standings in all five pools.

There's a 3-way tie with one game remaining in Pool A. Shannon Kleibrink and Stephanie McVicar are both 3-1 and will face each other on Sunday; the winner is assured of at least a share of first place in the pool. Krista McCarville of Thunder Bay is also 3-1 and can grab a share of top spot with a win against Rene Miettinen (currently 2-2). Jan Betker (1-3) and Maureen Bonar (0-4) will meet in the other game of the final Pool A draw.

All the other teams have played 3 games each and it's too soon to speculate on their results ... or is it?

In Pool B, there's a three-way tie among Sherry Middaugh, Jolene McIvor and Janet Harvey (all 2-1). Mirjam Ott, Cathy Trowell and Mandy Selzer are all 1-2.

China's Bingyu Wang leads Pool C with a perfect 3-0 record; Penny Roy and Karen Porritt are both still in the hunt at 2-1. Sherry Anderson and Andrea Kelly are probably out of it at 1-2, and Leslie Rogers is definitely out at 0-3.

In Pool D, which we are following most intently, Stefanie Lawton leads at 3-0, and Michelle Englot is second at 2-1. All the others -- Heather Rankin, Cindy Street, Chelsea Carey and Aileen Sormunen, are 1-2.

Cheryl Bernard sits atop of Pool E at 3-0; Chantelle Eberle and Kerry Galusha are 2-1. Binia Feltscher and Kerri Flett are 1-2, and Amber Holland is 0-3.

The top team in each pool and the three teams with the next best records will advance to the quarterfinals, which begin Monday morning. And I'll be back with more tomorrow.

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