Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lawton Wins Provincial Championship

Rene Mietinnen defeated Jolene McIvor, 6-5, in the Page 3-4 game to reach the semifinal against Amber Holland, who lost, 7-3, in the Page 1-2 game against Stephanie Lawton, who remained undefeated in reaching the final.

In the semifinal, Mietinnen got off to a quick start and hung on for a 7-6 win against Amber Holland.

Lawton got off to a good start in the final and led, 5-2, at the break. Mietinnen tied the game with 3 in the 6th but Lawton blanked the 7th and scored three of her own in the 8th on the way to a 9-6 victory.

Congratulations to Stephanie Lawton third Marliese Kasner, second Sherri Singler and lead Lana Vey. And best of luck to them in Victoria.