Friday, September 26, 2008

Second Game Proves A Tougher Test

In their second game of the round-robin at the CUETS Schmirler Curling Classic, Chelsea Carey of Winnipeg got off to an early 4-1 lead and Team Saturn have been chasing them ever since.

As I write this, Michelle is down two with last rock playing the eighth end of an eight-end game. It's not the ideal position, but it's not impossible to win from there. (Check with Mark Dacey and/or Pat Ryan, both of whom overcame 2-point deficits in the last end of a Brier Final). I'll have more....

UPDATE: A three-spot in the eighth did the trick, and Team Saturn snuck away with a 7-6 victory. Michelle and her team are now 2-0, tied for first place in Pool D with Stefanie Lawton. They'll play Heather Rankin (now 0-2) and Cindy Street (1-1) on Saturday, and Lawton Sunday. The playoffs are Monday, and we'll have more right here.

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