Monday, September 28, 2009

Amber Holland Wins The Schmirler

Amber Holland and her team from Kronau, Saskatchewan, won three games on Monday in Regina to capture the 2009 Schmirler Curling Classic, with its $12,000 first prize.

Holland opened the day with a 5-3 win against Janet Harvey, then followed with another 5-3 win, over Chantelle Eberle, to reach the final.

She completed the sweep with a 6-3 victory against Kelly Scott of Kelowna, who had defeated Heather Rankin and Tracy Streiffel earlier in the day.

Strieffel had knocked out Erika Brown and her American team to reach the semifinals; Eberle had reached her semifinal with an extra-end quarterfinal victory against Kristy Jenion.

Congratulations to Amber Holland and her teammates: third Kim Schneider, second Tammy Schneider and lead Heather Seeley. More congratulations to Kelly Scott and her team; we'll see both of these fine teams again at the Pre-Trials, if not before.

And I'll be back on Thanksgiving weekend with news from Calgary.

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