Saturday, January 31, 2009

McIvor, Mietinnen Grab Final Playoff Spots

Jolene McIvor stole three points in the 8th end to break up a close game and went on to defeat Michelle Englot in a 'C' event qualifier Saturday afternoon. The final score was 8-7, with Englot stealing two in the 10th as McIvor made an open hit against three for the win.

Rene Mietinnen defeated Sherry Anderson in the other 'C' qualifier. That game also ended up at 8-7 can, but it took an extra end to get there.

So McIvor will face Mietinnen in the Page 3-4 game. And the winner of that game will face the loser of the Lawton-Holland 1-2 game, in the semifinal.

It's a difficult ending for the Englot and Anderson teams, but there are so many good women's teams in Saskatchewan, and there's a difficult ending in store for all but one of them.

Congratulations to those teams still in the hunt; here's hoping the best of them will emerge with the championship.

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